About Dennis

Dennis Amaral is a professional mortgage broker that cares about you as a client. To him you are not just another faceless loan, but he cares about you as a borrower and about your concerns and feelings. Working with borrowers since 1981 has developed his skills and knows how you feel during the process of obtaining a loan, something you will not find with other lenders. Even if you have already talked to another lender give Dennis a call. He will be honest with you and let you know if he can beat their rate and fees, which he can usually do! What have you got to loose?

Dennis is a third generation Californian and as such has learned a great deal about the diversity of California Real Estate. this is important as with this knowledge he knows what lenders will or will not do on specific loans and can direct your loan to a lender that will do your loan and not waste your time and money.

Fifteen years ago Dennis worked with his partner to develop the concept of shopping multiple lenders, long before the T.V. and radio ads you hear today stating they will get four lenders competing for your loan. For the past fifteen years Dennis has been shopping over 150 different lenders for his clients. Because his application, credit report and appraisal are good with all the lenders he shops he can literally shop your loan over and over and not negatively affect your credit report with multiple inquiries.

Dennis has continually honed his skills to become an expert in the field through continuing education, seminars and obtaining professional designations. Some of these designations are the GRI (Graduate of the Real estate Institute), a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, and a specialist in Accelerated Mortgages (a program that has been used in Europe for 20+ years and pays your loan off early). He has also taught seminars for various Boards of Realtors and has taught college Real Estate Finance classes.

Because of his caring, compassion and concern for his clients and community, and for making sure his clients receive the best possible rate and care during the transaction he has received numerous recognitions and has donated his time for the community. Here are a few of the recognitions for the service he has offered his clients and community.

*   Served as a Shingle Springs / Cameron Park Chamber of Commerce Ambassador for 5 years.

*   Served as the chairperson of the board for the "Live In El Dorado County" committee.

*   Recipient of the Chamber of Commerce's "Outstanding Business Award" in 2001.

*   Received the "James N. Wilson Outstanding Business" award in 2002.

*   Awarded the "Outstanding Businessman's" award from the United States Republican Committee in 2003.

*   Presented the "Larry Cameron Outstanding Public Service Award" in 2003.

*   Received the "Realtor/Affiliate Citizen Of The Year" award in 2005 from EDCAR.

*   Recipient of the Chamber of Commerce's "Outstanding Business Award" in 2006.

*   Presented the "American Spirit Award" from U.S. Sen. John Ensign in 2006.

*   Served on the Gold Discovery Park Associations board of directors at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park from 2005 – 2009, and from 2010 until present.

*   Served as assistant to the director for the Northern California Living History group, SNMP.

* Winner of “Best of the Best” recognition for a Mortgage Broker in Folsom and El Dorado Hills Readers’ Choice for 2023


If you want a mortgage broker that is honest, ethical and will care about you and your family then Dennis is the man for your loan.  Let Dennis get you your best deal!